We've assembled a team of top scientists continually pushing the boundaries of cannabis science,  while never losing sight of our clients' need for fast, accurate, reliable results.

Ian Barringer


Ian Barringer received an

ScB degree from Brown University

in Neural Sciences and a JD degree, cum laude, from Boston College Law School. He was also a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar at Columbia Law School. He spent much of his career in the finance industry, and is happy to now put his education to productive use. He has been a member of several State and industry commissions shaping the regulations affecting the industry, including the Governor's Amendment 64 Consumer Safety Working Group and the MED HB14-1366 Edibles Working Group.

Roy Turton


Roy holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Nottingham Trent University, England. He started his career in agricultural research conducting pesticide residue and biotransformation studies before transferring to the pharmaceutical industry to support discovery research programs for several organizations in both the UK and US.  Roy has extensive small-molecule bioanalytical experience using high-throughput liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry techniques.  His expertise includes designing and implementing automated assays and qualification, maintenance and troubleshooting of analytical instrumentation.


Alena Rodriguez


Alena Rodriguez received her

B.S. degree in Biology in 2012 and M.S. degree in Biomedical Sciences in 2015 from Florida Atlantic University. Alena has over six years of experience working in molecular biology, analytical biochemistry, and neuroscience labs. Prior to joining Rm3 Labs, her main research projects included isolating neurotoxins from the venom of marine cone snails and investigating metabolic pathways in mice.

Kelly Barringer



Kelly Barringer holds a

B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. She has spent much of her career working in advertising firms, where she learned the ins and outs of business. She's excited to be helping this industry at such an important time in its development.

Kevin Staunton



Kevin earned his B.S. in Marketing from Syracuse University and brings over 20 years experience building startups within emerging industries. Having played an integral role in two highly successful internet companies in the 90's, Kevin eagerly jumped into the cannabis industry shortly after the passage of Amendment 64. He takes great pride in helping clients realize the full potential of their testing and compliance efforts.

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