Our pesticide screening program is a voluntary approach for enhancing your

quality control systems.  While pesticide tests are not currently mandated by the state, screening your products for pesticides now is a vital asset for maintaining margins and building lasting relationships with your clients.


Rm3 Labs is testing for the pesticides currently of greatest concern to the MED, providing invaluable data for your team and helping to reduce operational risks. Our state-of-the-art Agilent 6420 LC/MS/MS ensures fast, accurate results to help you assure your clients and customers of the quality of your products.


If you're looking to perform R&D pesticide tests to verify your quality control systems, contact us today to discuss the full program details.


List of Pesticides We Currently Test For:

• Avermectin

• Azoxystrobin

• Bifenazate

• Etoxazole

• Imazalil

• Imidacloprid

• Malathion

• Myclobutanil

• Permethrin

• Spinosad A

• Spinosad D

• Spiromesifen

• Spirotetramat

• Tebuconazole


These pesticides are currently of greatest concern to the MED and the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and are likely to be the first pesticides to be tested for under any State-mandated pesticide testing program. We will update this list from time to time as we get further direction from the MED and other regulators.


Now offering pesticide screening


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