a business that tests legal marijuana in Colorado for potency and residual solvents.

Of the two American localities to recently implement the full-on legalization of recreational marijuana — Washington D.C. and Alaska — the nation’s capital has had the bumpier road. And now the police chief of the District of Columbia is boldly coming out saying that “alcohol is a much bigger problem” than marijuana.

One of the main cannabis prohibition memes these days is based around some recent studies that suggest that cannabis use produces physical changes in the brain.

The tenor of the 7News report, as well as images of moldy marijuana supplied by a state-certified laboratory that requested anonymity, concerned the Cannabis Business Alliance, which attempted to counter the negative publicity with comments from Ian Barringer of Rm3 Labs in Boulder.

Marijuana is legal in Colorado, but federal law makes banking nearly impossible for the cannabis industry. The result: a dangerous all-cash operation that requires armed guards and layers of security.

Quite possibly the world’s first public service announcement on marijuana to feature hoedown music launched on radio stations across Colorado on Monday, part of a new campaign that state health officials hope will educate — not alienate — marijuana consumers about responsible use.

A glance at the numbers, statistics and calculations below will give you a very clear picture of what legal, regulated, first-of-its-kind marijuana looks like in the Rocky Mountains.

Congress passed a federal spending measure over the weekend that includes a provision that will end the federal government's medical marijuana ban. The measure precludes the Department of Justice and the DEA from preventing states from passing laws that authorize medical marijuana use, distribution, possession or cultivation.

The demeanour of pigs and dogs used by truffle hunters when they are close to making a find might best be described as animated. Or possibly even frantic. So what is it about the subterranean delicacies that triggers such vigorous enthusiasm in the animals trained to sniff them out?


Weed pies that get you baked,

not burned


CNN went to Sweet Grass Kitchen in Colorado to get the inside scoop on marijuana edibles.

A Colorado task force searching for a way to comply with a new law requiring edible marijuana to have a distinct look made no progress on Monday after four meetings of debate.


The most politically potent arguments against marijuana legalization have focused on the effects of looser marijuana laws on teens and children. Opponents say that legalization will lead to increased use among teens (so far it hasn't), and recite the drug war mantra that it will "send the wrong message" (if so, it appears that kids aren't listening).

Your kid is 136 times more likely to be poisoned by diaper cream than by weed


Voters in Washington, D.C., have approved the legal use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Supporters of the D.C. marijuana measure had a 65-29.5 percent lead as of 9:09 p.m. ET, with 20,727 voting in favor.

The ultimate decision on the matter of marijuana edibles will be made by the Department of Revenue, which on Monday, held what may be be its final work group meeting on identifiable markers for edible marijuana products.

On average, states allowing the medical use of marijuana have lower rates of deaths resulting from opioid analgesic overdoses than states without such laws. Opioid analgesics, such as OxyContin, Percocet and Vicodin, are prescribed for moderate to severe pain, and work by suppressing a person’s perception of pain.

Nearly four years ago, Dr. Sue Sisley, a psychiatrist at the University of Arizona, sought federal approval to study marijuana’s effectiveness in treating military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. She had no idea how difficult it would be.

The kitchen of Brian and Meghan Wilson’s rental home in Denver’s Washington Park neighborhood looked like a chemistry lab. Using beakers, glass dishes and a botanical extractor, the couple coaxed oil from dispensary-bought marijuana plants, desperate to control the epileptic seizures of their 3-year-old daughter, Vivian.

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